About Us

Double Brow Tine Antler Supply is founded on the commitment to good stewardship of the wilderness and wildlife resources.

Premium Quality Antlers

The Best Quality Premium Antlers

We are proud to provide only the best quality premium antlers that are available in North America. We can taut this because we can confidently say that we source our antlers from other good stewards of the wilderness. Our sourcing partners not only take part in the same conservation efforts that promote a continued healthy dominion over the wilderness and its resources, but they also have vast experience within those wide open spaces where these antlers are found.

Double Brow Tine Antler Supply contributes a portion of our profits to support non-profit organizations that seek to enhance our wildlife resources throughout North America, and we are passionate about fostering those core relationships throughout our industry.

We were commissioned in the book of Genesis to be good stewards of God’s creation, and we do not take that direction lightly!

Our Commitment

We have been fortunate enough to form lifelong partnerships and friendships through the shared love of the outdoors and all that stems from it. These relationships are the backbone of this organization and what we stand for. We have seen first hand how the outdoor wilderness industry has brought like minded people together from all across the globe with a common sense of purpose. It is out of these connections that Double Brow Tine Antler Supply was born.

We are passionate about supplying ethically sourced premium antlers to those who can use them. We are committed to the wilderness and it’s resources, and we believe that we offer not only a great product, but a partnership founded in the great outdoors that can benefit all involved.