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100% Naturally Shed Antlers

100% Naturally Shed Antlers

Double Brow Tine Antler Supply is a wholesale antler supply company that sources premium Deer, Elk, and Moose antlers for various uses within the marketplace.

Our antlers are 100% naturally shed antlers that are collected by our local outdoor enthusiasts, also known as “shed hunters”. Our connections within the wild outdoorsman community are vast, and we are proud to be connected with some of the best in the industry.

Our OPerations

Our operations span across North American, including the USA and Canada. Therefore the quality of our product is unmatched. We have the ability to handpick the best classed quality of antler to offer our clients due to the expansive reach of our contacts out in the wildernesses.

How They're Being Used

Antler Dog Chews

Dog Chews

Does your company sell antler dog chews? They are a hot commodity in the dog world at the moment! There are many benefits that the antler chews has to offer and many pet owners are happy to take advantage of them. Let us supply you with the materials so that you can continue keeping many dogs (and dog owners) happy and healthy.

Trophy Re-Creation

We sell full antler sets to utilize for creating or re-creating an actual trophy mount. A trophy mount on your wall can be a great decoration piece, and many people are looking for the attention getter without the full experience behind the piece. Are you someone who helps them fulfill that? We can help you help them! Put together a quality mount with an exceptional set of antlers that anyone would be proud to display.

Antler Trophy Re-Creation
Antlers for Furniture and Other Uses

Furniture & Other Uses

Are you interested in creating unique conversation pieces for someone’s home? An antler side table or chandelier can be quite a statement piece in a well decorated home. Maybe you are a craftsman who creates antler handle knives, or crafts beautiful unique jewelry pieces with antler pieces. Whatever your creative outlet is, we are here to help.

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    The Cervidae Family

    The Cervidae family of animals include the species where the male of the species exhibit antlers. Antlers are a biological structure that is unique to deer. Other ruminants across the planet have horns. There are many distinct differences between antlers and horns, however the most important difference, which is pertinent to our business, is that deer shed their antlers at the end of every year and grow a new set again the following year. This provides an incredible opportunity to harvest the fallen antlers (otherwise known as sheds), and utilize them for many different purposes.

    The Cervidae Family